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About Us

It’s Dr Michael O’Donoghue here, and I would like to welcome you to our website. I thought I would share some of my story with you so you know exactly who I am. I haven’t always been the savvy businessman I am today. With over 20 years of experience in the Veterinary Industry, I have seen a lot of changes. I have been involved in many areas, One I am passionate about is the human animal bond, particularly the impact of pet loss on clients.

When I was a Vet student, I was fascinated with the human/animal bond. I flew to North America to attend a conference on the human animal bond. I also visited a pet loss support centre which really opened my eyes… pet loss is complex and grieving can go on for a long time. I declared I would do something about easing the pain of pet loss in my lifetime.

One day I met up with an old family friend, Penny Carroll, who told me she was interested in Pet loss counselling. I saw this as my opportunity to help people through their grieving process. Together we came up with People and Pets.

People and Pets Pet Loss Cards are designed to help vets send a tasteful sympathy card and give the client the support they need… when they need it most. Having a range of tastefully designed cards is essential to your business. You need cards to connect with the client, reflect your feelings towards the client and keep your Veterinary practice in the mind of the client.

People and Pets have designed a range of pet loss cards. The photos are tasteful and well-liked by recipients. On the back of the card are the details of Pet Loss Counsellors, just in case the pet owner needs some extra support with their grief. The details of the counsellors are small, unobtrusive and do not look like an advertisement. This way, they can seek assistance, as they need it without feeling ashamed or thinking they are weak.

Use them as a one off sympathy card or as a “multi touch compassion campaign”… how you use them is entirely up to you.